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Actually, this page is about everyone else but us.  
When we started Office Space in Town we wanted to build a company that reflected who we were as people and the ethics and morals that we live by.  We aspired to build a business which was all about our clients and staff.
We want the beautiful environments we build to be places where people are inspired to work hard and be focused, to endeavour to be great at whatever they are doing, be happy and energised and to always consider others and make them feel special and individual. 
We knew that we would never reach the end of our journey because we would always be asking our clients and staff what else can we do?  So each new project we do is better than the last and that every day we are looking for ways to make our clients say WOW.

To deliver the quality and professionalism we promise


Our team is trained to think as if they are the client's team


Our team are as enthusiastic about the client’s business as as they are ours


We are happy when our client wins


Only the best will do

Our Team - Meet the directors

The board is led by Giles and Niki the brother and sister team that started Office Space in Town. It has grown and is made up of people who have gained knowledge within their area of responsibility over many years and are the embodiment of the values that Office Space in Town embraces.

Our Team - Meet the managers

These are the people we have chosen to run our business. They are the best in our industry and we know that they will look after your business as well as they look after ours. Click through and get to know them a little better.


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