Tracey Holloway

Director of Quality and Standards

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Tracey Holloway - Quality and Control Director

I work in Cardiff but I live in Wick in the beautiful Vale of Glamorgan. My family are sixth-generation Wick.

With 27 years’ experience in manufacturing and aviation, a move into office space and retail was a huge step which I knew would be a challenge and something I would really enjoy.

One of my main roles at Office Space in Town working for Niki and Giles is networking within the Cardiff business community. Additionally, my clients at OSiT are professional and business minded, enjoying and gaining contacts from our monthly networking events held at Temple Court.

In my role, I am continually looking at my business and social networks to see who would benefit from being introduced and actively manage these introductions. I see this as a key transferable skill which would work for the benefit of many start-up and current businesses.

I like to help businesses start up and expand in Cardiff and enjoy giving them the benefit of my experience within the corporate and SME sectors.

Niki and Giles are very supportive employers who are keen for me to be involved in the local community and so time is not restricted.

I work for businesses and with businesses, something that I have always focused on and from which I have reaped many rewards both socially and professionally. I deal with over 700 enquiries a year for our office space which allows me to have an insight into many commercial situations.

My one tip in business is always be doing what is right and not what is easy.

I understand the importance of social media and I am a member of many online forums such as Cardiff Business Club, Cardiff Business Group, One Big Network, and South Wales Business Contacts.

I am an integral part of the Vale of Glamorgan business community as I have opened a small retail company in the last two years. This has enabled me to experience firsthand the challenges faced by people who are setting up and running small businesses in the current economic climate.

In Sept 2014, I was offered a Directorship by Niki and Giles. This was definitely the highlight of my career.