How do I find out about meeting room availability and pricing?

Each of our centres has a Meeting and Conferencing Coordinator on site to help our clients with their meeting room queries. Meeting rooms can also be booked online.

Do you have free space that I can use for break out meetings?

Yes, all our centres are designed with lots of comfortable break out areas, ideal for a catch-up, a brainstorming session or a quick ad hoc meeting. Our centres can only be used by our clients (and their visitors), we do not offer 'day passes’ to non-residents and this ensures that there is always plenty of space in the communal areas for OSiT clients. Some of our centres also have meeting rooms that can be used for free for an hour on a first come first serve basis.

How is air conditioning/heating controlled in my office?

Every office in our centres has its own air conditioning/heating panel and delivery system. The set point for the building can be adjusted up or down by degrees, so our clients have control over the temperature in their offices (and the inevitable climate wars between the hot-blooded and cold-blooded members of the team).

I am able to use other locations within the OSiT portfolio?

Yes, both our serviced office clients and our virtual office clients are able to use the communal spaces within any of our buildings using our Access All Areas service. Clients may book a meeting room at any OSiT location too - this will be added to their monthly bill. All clients also have access to The Deck, our rooftop bar and restaurant, and The Cabins, our luxury serviced bedrooms, both located at our Monument building.

Do you have outside space at your centres?

Yes. We understand the benefits of stepping away from your desk for a breath of fresh air, a bit of down time and a hit of vitamin D. All our centres have either rooftop terraces or other types of outdoor space for our clients and their employees to use.

What is VOIP telephony?

VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. VOIP phones use the internet to send calls via a digital signal, instead of copper wires used in traditional telephones. There are many benefits, including allowing clients to connect their phone number not only to the phone on their desk but also their laptop and mobile phone, and their home office. VOIP technology provides 100% uptime of our clients’ communication system due to the diversity of its delivery, it also enables companies to use services that traditionally would have been cost prohibitive i.e. call recording, call management, diary management, etc. Additionally, VOIP now links seamlessly with most Client Management Systems giving teams immediate information about who they are speaking with.

What are the pros and cons of VOIP vs Teams and mobiles?

We don't believe there are any cons. VOIP uses the internet to send calls, this allows clients to connect their work phone number to the phone on their desk in our offices, but also their laptop and mobile, and their home office. Other benefits include advanced voicemail features, built in conference call capabilities including video conferencing, call recording, and the ability to connect multiple accessories. VOIP is linked to a user (as well as a telephone number) so it's possible to log in from any location. Lastly a client's telephone numbers can move with them if they move office within the centre, something which was impossible with traditional landline systems.

What Wi-Fi connectivity do you have at OSiT?

We have prioritised reliable, fast and secure connectivity throughout all our centres. All centres have 2 x 1Gig bearers provided by different providers with the ability to increase bandwidth within 48 hours, giving as close to 99.9% uptime as possible (i.e. out of 365 days each year there is no service for less than 0.2% of a day). Without getting bogged down in too much technicality … our internal Wi-Fi networks run on both 5Ghz and 2Ghz frequencies. Wi-Fi users are split between guest and client accounts. Clients and their teams are securely connected throughout the building (across multiple devices) via a member login using our MAC Bridging technology. The speed of the internet will be determined by the bandwidth negotiated in the client's licence. Guest accounts provide temporary Wi-Fi access on a shared network.

Do you have bike lockers at your centres?

All our centres have secure bike storage facilities, available to our clients 24-seven. They operate on a first-come-first-serve basis, however, there are also plenty of public bike lockers close to each of our centres.

Will I have access to my office/the OSiT centre 24/7?

Yes, our centres are open to our clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (including nationwide bank holidays). Our team is on site 8.30am – 5.30pm Monday to Friday. Outside of these hours clients have access into their building and office with a secure access pass. Our clients can request personalised access for their employees, to manage how and when individual team members have access to the building and their office.

Does my office come with refreshments?

Yes, free hot drinks - a selection of teas, bean to cup coffee with sustainably sourced fresh coffee beans and hot chocolate. Still and sparkling tap water is also available to our clients in all our centres. Refreshments in meeting rooms should be discussed when the booking is made.

How many OSiT staff are there on-site at your centres?

This depends on the size of the centre and varies from 4 to 12. Every OSiT centre has a core team:

- a General Manager (the defacto MD for their centre)

- an Operations Manager (responsible for all things client facing and building related, from IT to heating to what teas to stock)

- a Meeting and Conferencing Coordinator (ensuring all meetings and events in our centres run smoothly from start to finish)

- a Receptionist (the first point of contact for our clients and visitors to the centre)

- Day Cleaners are at all of our centres to ensure that all common areas are kept clean and tidy during office hours.

We also have an OSiT Angel providing holiday cover across our London centres to ensure there isn't any disruption to our service.

Will my office space be cleaned?

Yes, client offices are thoroughly cleaned in the evening Monday - Friday by our own cleaning company Office Space Cleaning Ltd. The cleaning team are also onsite during the day making sure the rest of the building and communal areas are squeaky clean.

Will I have access to an on-site gym?

Most of our centres have either a gym/studio room on site or access to a gym in the building.


What AML information do I need to provide and why?

The legislation that OSiT must comply with is called The Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing and Transfer of Funds (Information on the Payer) Regulations 2017 (Amendment Regulations 2023 SI 2023/1371). This requires us to identify all individuals and companies that use our virtual office services. To do this we will require three forms of identity documents for the individual, passport/driving licence, government letter or service bill and an electricity bill.

Can I put up office signage outside my office?

We have consciously chosen to be unbranded so as not to detract from the design and freshness of decoration in our buildings (which is what attracts many of our clients). We therefore don't allow our clients to put up signage on their office doors and windows to protect this. Inside their office our clients can let their imagination run riot.

Can I decorate, including putting up signage inside my office?

Our clients can do as they wish when decorating their office space, to make it personal to their business. We've seen everything from red telephone booths to a golf putting green! Nothing is too whacky and we love helping our clients realise their vision, whether it's a lick of paint in the company colours or a complete office space rebrand. We only ask that clients do not stick anything on the glass windows or the front of the office door, to keep the communal corridors unbranded ... other than that anything goes!

Can I upgrade / downgrade / move out early / extend my licence?

Each licence includes an earliest end date, after which a new licence needs to be agreed. Several months before this date we meet with our clients to discuss their future plans, so we know whether they wish to stay in their current space or whether their needs have changed, and work with them to meet those needs. If a client wants to leave their space before the earliest end date this is more complex. If a client’s needs have changed dramatically before their licence’s earliest end date we will always engage with them in good faith, to try to find a solution for them that is as equitable as possible.

Will my prices increase? When, how often and by how much?

Price increases are generally annual and in line with inflation, and discussed with your General Manager at renewal. OSiT is transparent with its pricing and appreciate we must be aligned with the market place, as well as being excellent at our jobs and providing incredible space, to ensure we retain our clients.

How quickly can I move in?

This will vary from client to client. If there is suitable vacant space in one of our centres a new client could move in in a matter of days, subject to all the paperwork and payments being sorted. However, if clients are taking space which is currently occupied or want to customise the space to fit their requirements it might be a few months before their new office is available.

What do I need to do to move in?

Once a new client has decided they want to join us they need to agree the terms of their licence, provide the required identity documentation, sign the necessary paperwork and pay their deposit and first month's licence fee.

Is insurance included?

OSiT provides all building insurance and content insurance for everything we provide throughout the building. Clients are responsible for insuring their own belongings, business and people. We always recommend businesses obtain advice regarding their business insurance needs.

Can I have more furniture or do you charge me?

Every OSiT office contains a minimum number of desks that are chargeable (from two upwards). However, we understand people like to furnish their offices differently, by adding sofas or internal meeting areas. If clients wish to bring in alternative furniture to that which we have provided we will remove what is not needed at no cost. If clients wish to add additional desks to their space (and this is over the number specified in their licence) we reserve the right to charge additional fees. However, we are in the people pleasing business and so suggest clients always discuss their needs with their General Manager - a solution will always be found.

What is included in my monthly licence fee?

A client’s monthly licence fee is inclusive of rent, furnishings, business rates, building insurance, an onsite management team, 24-hour access to the building, heating, lighting, cleaning, security, building maintenance, H&S of communal areas, receptionist during office hours, postal delivery and collection service, access to meeting room and access to free break out space.

What else do I pay for outside of my monthly licence fee?

In addition to the monthly licence fee our clients pay a fixed service fee - the 'Fixed Service Fee' is explained in FAQ below. We will also invoice each month for any ad hoc services clients have used (e.g. meeting rooms, call charges, postage).

What is a fixed service fee?

This is a monthly charge per desk taken by each client and includes internet provision and management, server hosting in the comms room, private IP addresses, call answering and refreshments throughout the year. The fixed service fee is the same amount (per desk) to every client at each of our centres.

What do I have to do to leave an OSiT office?

Our licences have a start date and an earliest end date. The earliest end date is the first date that the licence agreement can be ended. To leave on this date our clients need to give three full calendar months’ notice in writing. Once the earliest end date passes our clients can leave at any time, again by giving us three months’ notice in writing.

We hold meetings with our clients (to discuss their business needs, their occupancy, any issues they may have and their plans for the future) three months after they move in and five months before their licence is due for renewal. If a client wants to leave before the earliest end date they remain responsible for the monthly fee even if they are not occupying the office. However, we will do our best to accommodate them and will market their office; if successful and a new client wants to move in before the earliest end date we can release the original client from their contract the day before the new client moves in.

How safe is my deposit?

At OSiT we hold our clients' deposits in a separate deposit bank account to our daily banking account. This is not common practice in our industry and we are one of the few exceptions in doing this.

Will my contract automatically renew?

Every contract (we call them licences) has an earliest end date, after which we agree a new licence with the client. We meet with our clients five months before their contract is due for renewal (to discuss their occupancy and future plans) so this won't be a surprise. If a client is unsure of their business needs we are happy to offer a rolling three-month notice period for a maximum of three months to give them some breathing space while they decide whether to renew their licence or not. However, if a client does not give notice to terminate their licence or discuss a renewal with us then the full terms of the licence will continue with a minimum licence fee increase of 15% and any concessions applied during the initial licence period will cease to apply.

What are dilapidations and why do I pay them?

We insist upon the highest standards for all our offices and when a client moves out we return their office to its original condition. This work is the 'dilapidations' and includes: painting, carpet cleaning, deep cleaning and repairs to holes in walls (e.g. from artwork or whiteboards). A termination meeting will be held with each client prior to departure to determine any dilapidations which are payable when they move offices or leave the building, this helps us to return their space to a saleable state and ensure the quality of our offering.

What are your standard payment terms?

A deposit of 2 x the client’s gross monthly licence fee is payable in order to secure the office space. The first month's licence fee is also due before move-in day. We then collect each month’s licence fee by Direct Debit on 1st of each month. We will invoice for any ad hoc fees (for meeting rooms, call charges, postage etc) at the end of each month and payment for these items needs to be made within 7 days also by Direct Debit.

What is the minimum and maximum length of a tenancy at OSiT?

There is no maximum length of stay, the average stay is in excess of 42 months. We offer licences for periods of a minimum of 3 months and we will consider two or three year licences for longer term requirements - after which the licence needs to be renewed if the client wishes to stay.

Who pays for maintenance and repairs?

All maintenance costs are included in the client's licence fee. In relation to repairs, anything that we have provided as part of our office package would fall under our remit; any equipment or furniture our clients bring with them must be repaired or replaced by them. The only time we would ask a client to pay towards something we own is if damage was due to misuse or misconduct.

OSiT Support

Are there opportunities to network with other OSiT clients?

Yes, our aim is to build a community within our centres and as part of this we arrange plenty of events for our clients: some social, some a bit more formal, but all providing great opportunities to get to know other OSiT clients and staff. Throughout the year our clients join us for quizzes, karaoke, football, fundraising events and seasonal parties, as well as weekly breakfast mornings and Wine Fridays. We make a point of introducing all our new clients to their office neighbours and all our clients have access to our Client Portal app too, helping them to keep up to date with what's on and keep in touch with other OSiT clients. Although nothing beats a bit of good old-fashioned water cooler chat in our communal kitchens for a bit of informal networking.

Mental Health Training

How do you support your clients' mental health?

Many of our employees are Mental Health First Aiders having attended MHAF courses run by Health Assured, with the knowledge and understanding to deal with mental health issues in the workplace, identify potential issues and recognise possible signs and symptoms of someone that is unwell or experiencing stress. These MHAF courses are also available to our clients. We also support our clients with other wellbeing offerings, including access to gyms, weekly yoga sessions, running clubs and regular social events in our centres.

What level of customer service can I expect from OSiT?

OSiT has been assessed by the Centre for Assessment (CFA) and awarded their ‘Customer Service Excellence Standard’. As well as a fully furnished, fully equipped office space we also provide our clients with a fully-staffed reception desk and concierge service between 8.30am – 5.30pm (Monday to Friday). We offer 5-star customer service and we staff each centre to fulfil and exceed the needs of our clients. Our reception teams assume the position of our clients' receptionist as well as ours and all our staff embrace Our Core Values to deliver excellent service.


What is the difference between a serviced office and a lease?

The traditional leased office is one that a business rents directly from the building's landlord. Leases are typically priced per square foot and long-term in nature, normally five years and more. The lease is just for the space, so there is often significant further investment to furnish, equip and run the workspace.

A serviced office is managed by an office provider (such as OSiT) which rents workspace to businesses. Generally, the workspace is fully furnished and serviced, and ready for use immediately. The contract includes not only rent of the space but communal space, kitchens and amenities, cleaning, business rates and services, reception and concierge, building insurance, security, IT infrastructure and connectivity. The term can be negotiated to suit the client's needs, so short-term contracts are possible.

The key benefit of a serviced office over a lease is flexibility, in the shape of immediate occupation, heavily reduced upfront costs, the ability to take short term contracts and to flex up or down in size, as the market dictates.

How do I compare different operators to find the right office for me?

We have created a booklet (Apples with Apples) to help prospective clients and clients considering other options to compare serviced office centres properly. As service office providers offer different facilities and price differently we wanted to provide a checklist of questions to ask, to gather all the necessary information to make an informed decision about where to base their business.

How do I search for co-working/serviced offices/flex space?

We all search for things differently. However, we suggest you first ask your professional network for a recommendation for a serviced office provider. If this doesn’t yield any options, we suggest you Google ‘serviced offices’ in your preferred location and contact up to 4 or 5 properties directly. We have created a booklet (Apples with Apples) to help compare your options.

When should I start looking for office space?

This depends on each client's individual needs, although we advise 3-4 months before the move-in date. Securing a licence can take from 6 months to just one day. Although it's worth remembering most service office licences require 3 months to terminate. Generally, clients with very specific needs regarding space may take more time to find their perfect office, but clients with more generic requirements will probably need less. We have put together our Apples with Apples checklist of important questions to ask providers to help compare proposals

What are the different areas priced at?

Every City/Town or regional area, and each key location within these, have their own price points. It is important for clients/prospective clients to understand where they would be happy to be based, and then the price variations for these areas can be explored.

Can you help me move?

Yes, our Operation Team can help clients with the logistics of moving to their new office space with us. We have a handyman on site who can help with your move. We can also arrange courier transportation, offer assistance from one of our approved contractors or tailor a relocation solution to your needs. Our contractors can transport, assemble, configure and put the finishing touches on your office such as putting up artwork, clocks, whiteboards, TVs and other technology.

Do you offer discounts?

We are always open to negotiation, to find a deal that works for our clients and for us. There are many factors that we will consider when negotiating, including move in date, length of contract, the size and availability of the office space, and the current economic climate.

Are your centres close to transport links?

Yes, all our centres are located near tube stations and mainline railway stations. Our London centres are very well linked and are all under an hour away from major London airports such as Heathrow, Gatwick, Stanstead and London City.

What is a Virtual Office/mailbox?

This is a service we offer for clients who generally work from home. They are able to use one of our centre addresses on their company stationary, emails, website and marketing collateral, and to receive post (which can be collected, scanned or forwarded on). They are not able to use this address as their registered company address or Directors Service Address. Personalised phone call answering and message taking can be provided too. We are also able to offer a wide range of business support services, hot desking and meeting rooms at client rates.

What accommodation options are available near your centres?

All our centres are in prime city locations with a range of hotels within walking distance. Within London we also have 5 luxury serviced bedrooms - The Cabins, at our Monument centre, available exclusively for our clients and their business partners.

What is ESG and what is OSiT's approach?

ESG is short for Environmental Social & Governance and it is how a business behaves in relation to sustainability and ethical matters. ESG is embedded in the way OSiT does business, you can read more about our ESG strategy here.

Can I use the centre as my registered address?

Clients with an office in one of our centres are able to register their company in the building, subject to certain criteria being met. However, we do not allow any client to use our centres as their Directors Service Address.

What is your position on competing industries in your centres?

We try to avoid putting businesses in the same industry and sector in the same centre, however this is not always possible. We do undertake to discuss any potential conflict with our incumbent client. For example, we might have two recruitment agents specialising in different areas in the same centre, but not two recruitment agents with the same specialisation in that centre.

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