Katie Rice

General Manager at Waterloo

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Katie Rice - General Manager at Waterloo

I first met Niki Fuchs in January 2014 and instantly knew Office Space in Town was the right place for me to continue my career within the serviced office industry. I had started in the industry a year earlier, managing a large office building in the city. The bright lights of London are a far cry from my hometown in leafy Surrey and after having my first taste, I knew I wanted more!

At the time, OSiT had no openings but Niki and I kept in contact and in August 2014 I finally became part of the team.

Initially, my role consisted of all things meeting and conferencing in which I concentrated on the development of our already 5-star meeting room product.

This role allowed me to develop relationships with the entire OSiT team as I floated between our different locations. It gave me an opportunity to see our strong company ethos in practice and I saw first-hand just how much everyone here really does believe in what they are doing and how passionate they are about their roles, buildings, fellow staff and clients alike.

In January 2015, I took on my current role of General Manager at our Waterloo location. Office Space in Town at Waterloo is a completely unique serviced office that follows Alice on her journey through Wonderland. The building is totally different to anything this industry has seen before and that only adds to its appeal!

I love showing people around the building and seeing their initial reactions to the huge white rabbit on the meeting room floor and the red and white rose bushes that border the waiting room. It’s a real pleasure to manage a building that people seem to genuinely love.

A key factor for me when managing a building is to ensure to promote a sense of community in the workplace and this is something Waterloo has lots of. My team and I are dedicated to getting to know our clients both personally and professionally, allowing for a great atmosphere day in day out and helping to make those Monday mornings a little bit easier!