Niki Fuchs

Chief Executive

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Niki Fuchs - Managing Director

I have always been a bit of a wild child and did manage to find trouble where most girls my age couldn’t. So, by the time I had finished my A-levels, University was not an option for me. I went off to secretarial school and started work in recruitment.

My mother – Caryl Fuchs – set up and ran the first UK serviced office at Beckett House in Northampton back in 1979. This was the first centre in her company called OTSS. This is where I cut my teeth in the industry, starting as a receptionist and moving up to conferencing assistant, Centre Manager, Operations and Training Manager, Managing Director and as of July 2022 CEO of Office Space in Town Ltd which I own with my brother Giles and four other incredible shareholders.

I have been on an incredible journey since I took over City Executive Centres Ltd in 1997 and sold to MWB Group in 2005. Giles, Sarah and I started Office Space in Town in 2009 with a vision to own central London assets which we achieved in July of this year by buying out Starwood the shareholders in 4 out of our 5 London centres.

No entrepreneur's journey is easy, whatever they may say with hindsight! I have learnt so much from many people along the way, as much as from what has gone wrong as from what has gone right. I haven’t stopped learning either, initially it was about business survival and growth. In 2018 when we raised our third round of funding I found that I had to learn how to be an MD not a hands on Entrepreneur. Thank you Giles. It has been hard but very rewarding. This shift has enabled me to understand more about myself and those around me. To give me the tools and insights to make OSiT a people focused business and really embed our values and ethos into a company culture that we live every day.

I am surrounded by the most amazing individuals who make OSiT what it is. Each one of our staff is an inspiring individual, who gives their all to make our clients happy and their businesses run smoothly and to support and care for their colleagues.

My vision of success

Is to enable our new executive team to take over the business. They are experienced, entrepreneurial, motivated, and good friends but they have a big challenge ahead of them: the economic headwinds, the changes to our social structure that continue to grow and challenge society and everything else! Also learning and understanding how to deal with the level of responsibility that one has every day for those that you employ and whose businesses rely on your services.

My future

In my role as CEO I wish to continue to learn about coaching, counselling and training. I want to be able to support the Executive Management Team in continuing to be a people focused business that enables individuals – staff and clients - to achieve their goals and aspirations in life.