James Trentham

Edinburgh Director

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James Trentham

Hi, I’m James and I’ve run Office Space in Town in Edinburgh for the last 10 years.

During that time, I’ve had some wonderful highs and the obvious lows of Covid, but the one constant has been our clients and the relationships we have built. I’m always reminded of the old telephone advert – it’s good to talk – and that is the bedrock of how we operate in an open and transparent manner. With that basis, we have helped our clients overcome many diverse challenges over the years, and I am certain we will continue to do so for many years to come.

The word family can be overused at times, but with OSiT it really is true. The entire business is like an extended family, and we all help each other out, when someone needs a helping hand. There is never a discussion over budgets or cost bases, it is just a question of what can be done.

In Edinburgh, we are constantly investing in our buildings, and have most recently upgraded all our IT to enable our clients to access the super-fast broadband we all need in the new era of video calls. This, coupled with continued investment in our offices and physical meeting spaces, makes us a great place to base yourself and your business.

But let’s be honest, work isn’t everything and away from work, I spend my time with my wife and our 3 sons. They constantly keep me on my toes and I’ve even become a Sunday rugby coach at our local club, as with 3 boys I like to give something back to the community. That said, 9.30am on Sunday can sometimes be a struggle! When I do get some time to myself, I also run (slowly) and play social cricket a lot worse than my 20 something self ever did.

So if you’re ever looking for an office space, please do come and speak to us. You’ll learn just as much from our chat as you will from looking around.