Georgia Sandom

Operations and ESG Director

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Georgia Sandom - Operations & ESG Director

I started OSiT at the very beginning in 2011 at the tender age of 20 years old, beginning a journey carving out my career and growing with the company from its infancy (and mine!).

I have worked every post within the business and learnt so much along the way, alongside my wonderful colleagues and mentors. I now have the privilege of being Operations & ESG Director, a role I am immensely proud of and thoroughly love.

I have a fascination with the natural world, which started from a very young age, as my father instilled in me a desire to always learn about, and to protect, our planet. Over the years I have taken a keen interest in learning about environmental sustainability and social impact, learning from pioneers and thought leaders in this field and volunteering and contributing to social causes I care about. I am now fortunate enough to combine this passion with my job and help run our business in a way that reduces our impact on the planet, encourages the wellbeing of our OSiT family and gives back to our local community.

I am business minded but also love all things creative. I have a passion for music and spend lots of my free time going to gigs and I love art, be it painting or making jewellery.