5 things you really need from your serviced office provider

2 min read
Published: 9 Mar 2021 9:30

As we discussed in our previous post (read the article here), the modern workforce has a completely new set of needs and expectations when it comes to their workplace. With that in mind, the industry has been forced into change to accommodate this. One of the key leaders and disruptors of this is Office Space In Town. Here are 5 things that we think are really important to consider when choosing your serviced office provider to motivate and retain your staff.

1. Fast internet connection

We don't really need to explain this do we? What did people do without the internet?

2. Good phone reception

Have you ever been that guy on a conference call who sounds like Darth Vader and people have to awkwardly ask you to repeat yourself after you've just spent the past 5 minutes talking and none of it was heard? Without good, consistent phone signal in your office, you might miss some crucial information on a call.

OSiT provides signal boosters if ever needed to ensure you can get the best possible service on your mobile, as well as an Avaya phone system.

3. Good coffee

Because, really... who works without coffee?!

We have our own rooftop bar/cafe on the deck at our Monument Centre, and the Boundary Cafe at Waterloo to get your coffee fix any time.

4. Collaborative space & break-out areas

It's important when you're working long hours in the office that you've got some space to go and get away from your desk and refresh your mind. All of our centres have break-out areas, lounges, or somewhere to just kick back for a while away from your desk.

5. Work/life balance

The 9-5 isn't really a 9-5 any more for today's workforce; people have long commutes and longer days so it's important that you're providing your staff with the things that they might not be able to do that are important to them. OSiT has really considered this and taken action to design facilities that include gyms, showers, an in-house hair salon, cafe's and restaurants as well as serviced bedrooms for those nights that you might have worked too late to get that train home and come back again early in the morning.