Niki Fuchs

Managing Director

I have always been a bit of a wild child and did manage to find trouble where most girls my age couldn’t. So, by the time I had finished my A-levels, University was not an option for me. I don't regret this, but as I got older, I realised that I wanted to learn more and so I'm actively engaged in a programme of personal development and self-directed learning.
My mother ran a serviced office group called OTSS which they had started in 1979 and was one of the first in the UK. This is where I cut my teeth in the industry, starting as a receptionist and moving up to conferencing assistant, Centre Manager, Operations and Training Manager and eventually Managing Director. I have been lucky to work in the most interesting industry and with the most fantastic people.
Giles and I started Office Space in Town in 2009 having sold City Executive Centres Ltd to MWB Group in 2005. What a journey! I wake up every day looking forward to going to work. I am lucky to be working with a brother whom I respect and love, but just as importantly, I am surrounded every day by the most amazing individuals who make OSiT what it is. Each and every one of our staff is an inspiring individual who gives their all to make our clients happy and their businesses run smoothly.
My vision of success is for everything to continue as it is!
Giles and I are very lucky to have a team who are experienced, entrepreneurial, motivated and good friends. I know with their continued support we will rise above all the challenges that we face, and continue to provide excellent services to our clients and an environment for our staff which is both nurturing and fun.

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