Nothing is too much trouble for the staff @Waterloo

The Lewis Carroll Society was founded in 1969 to celebrate the life and works of Charles Dodgson (Lewis Carroll). We meet regularly in London and around Britain for conferences, outings and study days to promote our author, and to ensure that each new generation appreciates this amazing author and his dream child 'Alice'. In the autumn of 2013 we were contacted by Peldon Rose and Office Space in Town about their exciting new venture of creating an office building with a 'Wonderland' theme.  We attended their opening party early in 2014 and were very impressed! The style is Disney with an overlay of 60s cool, and attention to detail (doorknobs and light fittings) is quirky and interesting.  Their 6 meeting rooms on the ground floor all celebrate characters in Alice's adventures - with illuminated ceilings, larger- than-life Tweedle twins, the Cheshire Cat, the White Queen and the Queen of Hearts all in attendance, and guaranteed to keep you awake during the dullest board meeting!  The wonderful White Rabbit in the corridor and the waist-down Alice who greet you at Reception shock and delight in equal measure. We were invited by the management of @Waterloo to hold our meetings in this fascinating building, and have done so since Spring 2014.  My fellow committee members all enjoy a warm greeting from Antonia (who is kind and helpful) and then we make our way to the Mad Hatter Meeting Room where we are given refreshments to help sustain us after our long journeys.  Nothing is too much trouble for the staff @Waterloo, who even set up a meeting room for 35 of our members to see the building and enjoy one of our London academic meetings on October 1st.  Everyone found the building fascinating and took many 'selfies' with the statues as a reminder of their visit. I'm sure Lewis Carroll would have been most amused - beige and boring it is not!