GREAT reception team at Temple Court

Since moving across the road to Temple Court at the beginning of 2016 I have been very impressed by Maggs, as indeed I have been regarding all the admin and reception team. Maggs always comes across as professional and friendly, and if I’ve ever needed anything doing since my move she’s been extremely helpful and will get things done in a timely way. As a psychotherapist having a receptionist who is friendly and approachable is a necessity for me as my clients often come in very anxious, depressed, and distraught.  Maggs is always friendly and welcoming to them and makes them feel at ease and quite a few have commented on this. Having worked myself on a busy reception in the past I appreciate how stressful it can be when it’s busy, and how difficult it can be to remember how to deal with each businesses’ clients, however, Maggs never lets stress show to either myself nor my clients. She always remembers to send my clients upstairs to wait and lets me know when they’ve arrived, whilst ensuring that she doesn’t interrupt me when I’m in session with a client. All in all, I’ve been really impressed with Maggs’ professionalism and helpfulness and she is a credit to the team at Temple Court.