Cracking bunch of staff!

I've been working in the Waterloo office since 2014 and honestly can't imagine a better environment to work in. Antoinette in particular stands out as an absolute star. I have recently moved office, our company has grown rapidly. I wasn't particularly looking forward to the move, when Antoinette called me to my new room to show me something. I'm a bit of a Zen freak and she had bought and installed a lovely little water feature with a Buddha for my room, bless her, she had put the thing together for me and filled with water, ready to surprise me. I know this probably sounds like a small thing but there have been a million of these acts of kindness over the years that I felt I needed to let you know. Over the years, your team here have gone way beyond their roles. They have put up with my crazy requests, they are always cheerful, they are literally the best bunch of people I've encountered work-wise... and Antoinette...well you are very very lucky to have her, but I'm guessing you know this!