Wave goodbye to afternoon fatigue!

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Published: 9 Mar 2021 9:30

Tiredness can creep in at any time but we’re all aware of that post lunch fatigue that can creep in after a long morning. What if a small change to your day could change this?

HR Grapevine recently reported on a study by the Journal of Occupational Health Psychology that could help you beat this afternoon slump.

The researchers surveyed 100 workers in a range of sectors about their lunchtime routines, and questioned their levels of wellbeing, how much they enjoyed their lunchbreaks and how much they were able to detach from work during their break.

They were then asked to change them for ten days in a row - half of the group took a leisurely stroll through a nearby urban park and focused on their natural surroundings, while the other group found a quiet place inside their office building to do a series of relaxation exercises, including deep breathing and mindfulness techniques – TIME reports.

The activities took 15 minutes and were done after the participants ate a quick lunch.

The study found that both groups found improvements in their afternoons and their time once they’d left the office for the evening. To read more about the study and the outcomes of the groups, you can read the full article here.