Top wellbeing tips for entrepreneurs

3 min read
Published: 9 Mar 2021 9:30

Starting and running your own business can be exciting, stimulating and creative but challenging, tiring and scary – all at the same time. BQLive asked wellbeing expert Amanda McGough for tips on looking after yourself when you manage your own business.

First things first – get a good night’s sleep

Days can be busy and the hours long. You rush around all day, fall asleep on the sofa and then wake up when you go to bed. Clockwatching through the night becomes a dreaded habit and you can lie in bed, mind whirring.

Remember your childhood bedtime routine and make sure you have a ‘cut off time’ for phones and emails to allow you to wind down. Do something relaxing for an hour before bedtime to ensure you are physically tired and mentally relaxed when you get into bed.

Switch off and get out into the fresh air

Giving your stressed brain some ‘down time’ will reap rewards both at work and at home as you reduce fatigue, freeing up mental energy. It’s amazing how creative your brain can be when you take it out for a walk.

Be smart with your technology and use it to build in times for exercise and relaxation. Have a digital detox at the weekend and get outdoors with loved ones. You will recharge your physical and mental energy levels and you will find that you are more productive on Monday morning.

Remember why you started the business in the first place

Ask yourself: What do I want to achieve in my business? and Who do I do the business for? Most of us want to create and run a business to bring ideas to fruition, to be our own boss, to improve things for our families and to enjoy that sense of mastery and accomplishment.

Too often, the business can grow and the reasons why you created it in the first place can get forgotten. Having nursed many people at the end of their life, I have never heard someone say ‘I wish I spent more time at the office’. Build time into the calendar each month to ensure that you get a well-earned break and time with your family and friends. This might be as simple as booking theatre tickets, a weekend away at a country cottage, a city break or visiting family and friends.

It’s your reward for your hard work and it will re-ignite your motivation and enthusiasm for your business.

Amanda McGough is a health and wellbeing consultant based on Stokesley Business Park, North Yorkshire.