The importance of accommodating today’s multi-generational workforce - Niki Fuchs in onOffice

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Published: 9 Mar 2021 9:30

The average office today is a melting-pot of the ages.  But despite the fact that over 30 percent of the British workforce are over 50, there’s more talk about millennials in the workplace than anyone else. Far from uniting the ages, firms are at risk of creating of a ‘forgotten generation’ of older workers.

A failure to provide for a multi-generational workplace undermines the limitless potential that diversity can bring. According to McKinsey, diverse and inclusive workforces are 35 percent more likely to out-perform those that are not – but only if employees feel nurtured and happy. It is integral therefore that all generations in the workplace are appreciated and accommodated, and their needs are met - no matter what their age.

Niki Fuchs, Managing Director and Co-Founder of of Office Space in Town provides a model for averting a forgotten generation in her recent article in onOffice magazine.

Read it here.