Offices to rent in Edinburgh news: Small businesses 'should know more about web technology'

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Published: 9 Mar 2021 9:30

Small businesses working out of offices to rent in Edinburgh could be some of the organisations that increase their profit margins by expanding their knowledge of online technology, according to one website.

Research from, which provides the NetCheck tool for firms wanting to gauge the effectiveness of their internet use, revealed that larger businesses generate substantially more turnover online than smaller ones.

Site director Phil Kingsland advised people in smaller organisations to "read around developments in web technology" and relate their knowledge back to their firm.

This could dramatically improve their revenue, he declared.

"Our research shows that where 2.4 per cent of small business turnover comes from online sources, the proportion is substantially higher for large enterprises - at 18.7 per cent," Mr Kingsland stated.

Earlier research from the site found almost half of small British corporations (46 per cent) do not make any profit at all online.