The post-Covid-19 office - Niki Fuchs in Enterprise Times

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Published: 9 Mar 2021 9:29

Covid-19 has sent shockwaves through the international business community, forcing businesses to cease operations or adopt remote working - bringing normal working practices under the microscope.

With office health, mental wellbeing, connectivity and community all cited as key components to a productive and motivated workforce, navigating new demands is no simple task. In her recent comment piece, Managing Director of OSiT, Niki Fuchs explores what a post-Covid office might look like, detailing the key considerations and measures that will allow businesses to prioritise health and retain a happy workforce.

In future environmental factors – air quality, temperature regulation and lightly - are likely to be subject to greater focus. The introduction of segmented air conditioning and enhanced natural lighting may be seen as vital aspects of ‘healthy’ office design.

The blurring of work and life boundaries which came with enforced remote working (plus pressures on communication and tech challenges) brought the impact of a working environment on mental health to the forefront of peoples’ minds. Future workspaces are likely to prioritise variety and flexibility, supporting workers who like quiet areas, as well as those who thrive in a busy and bustling environment. Likewise there continues to be a need to invest in robust and high-quality technology to support greater flexibility and more streamlined ways of working.

Reduced contact and a sense of isolation led many employees to recognise the value of community and collaboration, which come from being at work. Workspaces which feature break out areas and help to promote strong relationships and a sense of socialisation will probably prove popular, and will also see a marked difference in employee morale and retention.

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