PM forecasts buoyant return to the office

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Published: 9 Mar 2021 9:30

Will the office market make a recovery post-Covid-19?

As featured in Property Week, Facilitate Magazine, and Allwork.Space, CEO of Office Space in Town, Giles Fuchs, commented on why the Prime Minister is right to expect a surge in workers returning to the office following the pandemic is behind us.

In OSiT’s recent survey into the impacts of remote working, 29% of people cited loneliness as a main disadvantage of working from home, with a quarter reporting increased anxiety and 37% struggling to un-plug from their work. It is clear that remote working continues to have a profoundly negative impact on employee mental health.

In light of this, Giles argues that the Prime Minister is justified in having faith in a strong return to the office post-pandemic, with businesses likely to alter the way they run and use their offices forever.

In fact, managed properly, the office can be one of the safest places for workers to spend their time and will be vital in supporting businesses both to recover from this crisis and flourish long-term.

You can read Giles’ comments in Property Week here, Factilitate Magazine here, and Allwork.Space here.