The OSiT Bra Bazaar

2 min read
Published: 9 Mar 2021 9:30

At OSiT, we are always looking for ways to make a positive impact on society and the world around us, because we know that being a good business also means doing good. This is why we continue to host fundraising events across our centres for a variety of different causes, in the hope that we can leave the world in a better place that how we found it. Throughout our efforts, we have noticed that its not only money that can have a positive impact on someone’s life, but also donations of unwanted or unused items that we would otherwise have thrown away.

This is why, over the last few months, we have been hosting the OSiT Bra Bazaar.

In Kenya, there are vast communities of women who don’t have access to bras. As underwear is often seen as a status symbol, it is able to offer a sense of security to women of any age. This is because women who can afford underwear will often have someone who cares for them such as a husband, a brother or a father. However, when a woman is seen as being on her own, she can be made vulnerable.

In each of our centres across London, we provided a charity box and encouraged our clients and staff, as well as their friends and family to donate their unwanted bras and even swimwear to a cause that can make a real difference to the lives of these women.

After 6 months of collections, we are really happy to share the news that the donations have now arrived in Kenya to be used to support the health and safety of the women in small communities and hopefully change their lives for the better.

Keep an eye out for more of our fundraising and charity activity as we seek to raise money for this year's chosen charity Centre 404 and raise awareness for causes close to our hearts!