Offices will be crucial to recovery: Giles Fuchs in Property Week

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Published: 9 Mar 2021 9:30

Offices will be crucial in an economic recovery from the coronavirus.

In a recent comment piece for Property Week, OSiT CEO Giles Fuchs discusses the findings of OSiT’s recent survey into the impacts of lockdown remote working, including the silent mental health impacts employees are facing at home.

With UK productivity declining at the fastest rate on record as people worked remotely over Q2 this year and output per worker falling by almost a fifth compared with the previous quarter, Giles outlines why a safe return to the office that limits the spread of Covid-19 is not only vital for the survival of British businesses, but readily achievable. In fact, Covid-19-compliant office spaces are one of the safest locations for workers.

Giles argues how the fact that 29% of respondents to OSiT’s survey lacked the appropriate equipment required to work from home raises questions not only about how to protect the mental and physical health of a remote workforce, but also how businesses can thrive without the amenities of offices – all of which will be critical in an economic recovery from this virus.

You can read the full article here.