Office Space in Town celebrates Family Business Day 2019

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Published: 9 Mar 2021 9:30

As a family-orientated company here in the UK, we are delighted to be taking part in National Family Business Day 2019.

The contribution made by the family business sector deserves to be recognised. National Family Business Day, organised annually by Family Business United (FBU), is a national campaign that seeks to recognise the value and significance of businesses like ours in the UK.

As Paul Andrews, founder of FBU remarks, “This is a day of real celebration of the firms that are at the heart of the UK economy, on high streets and at the heart of towns and villages across the UK. Family firms have a story, a real narrative, and it is their very essence and the family connection that makes them special.  Add the fact that they are significant economic generators and are recognised as the engine room of the UK economy and you can see why they deserve to be celebrated too.”

We couldn’t put it better ourselves.

When we started Office Space in Town a decade ago, inspired by the work of our own parents, we wanted to build a company that reflected who we were as people and the ethics and morals that we live by. Our core family values are at the heart of the business, ensuring always that the quality and professionalism we saw our parents deliver before us is replicated.

We were delighted earlier this year to win Family Business of the Year for London and the South East at the FBU Family Business Awards, paying testament to our unique accomplishments as a commercially successful firm with strong family values at the core.

To this day, family is at the heart of OSiT and is enshrined in our philosophy, shaping our relationship with staff and the community fostered among our clients.

We’re wishing all other family businesses a very happy day! #GBFamilyBizDay.

Niki and Giles x