Nurturing career progression in the workplace: The journey of Holly and Josue

Facilities Management UK - 4th December 2023
Holly and Josue
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Published: 13 Feb 2024 9:44

Chance encounters and unforgettable hires

Holly Cole was seeking a departure from a slow-moving role at an accountancy firm, and found herself in an interview that felt refreshingly unconventional. Niki and Giles, the brother and sister duo of flexible workplace provider, Office Space in Town (OSiT), turned the hiring process into less of a professional interrogation and more like a warm exchange among friends, which Holly credits to her wanting to join the organisation.

Similarly, Josue Villaverde's transition from a bustling coffee shop scene to a new work environment was marked by a memorable phone interview – a momentous event disrupted by a robbery in broad daylight - setting the stage for a journey defined by new goals and learnings.

From barista to operations manager

Holly started out as Hospitality Manager at The Deck (OSiT’s Monument rooftop café and bar) and has since transitioned to become the Operations Manager for the entire building. Her story exemplifies the positive impact of a workplace that is committed to supporting individual growth and progression.

For Josue, the evolution from a barista to Operations Manager Assistant is a remarkable transformation. In navigating this transition, Josue's determination and resilience to step outside his comfort-zone showcases the opportunities available in a supportive workplace that prioritises career transformations.

The challenges and triumphs of career progression

Holly's initiation into a high-paced season at OSiT Monument became a cornerstone of her growth. The fast-paced environment coupled with a supportive network of colleagues has meant she is capable of managing a bustling workplace where challenges are embraced and personal connections matter.

Josue's emphasis on the kindness of both the team and clients underscores the unique camaraderie that defines their shared workspace. It's more than a job; it's a community where professional goals intertwine, shedding a light on the value of a positive workplace culture.

Transitioning to new roles

Holly's recent transition to Operations Manager reflects a collaborative effort to align roles with individual strengths and aspirations. Her journey from a hospitality-based role to an operations manager is not just about a change in title; it signifies a proactive approach to career growth that resonates with her skills and aspirations. Holly’s journey involved tailored training sessions and mentorship from senior leadership. This allowed her to navigate the complexities of a new role smoothly, aligning her responsibilities with her strengths. This supportive environment encouraged her to bring new ideas and have a say in how she was going to take on board new responsibilities.

Josue's wanted to find something different, and he knew that hospitality can be hard to transfer from. However, the environment at OSiT allowed him to spend time cultivating alternative skills. In the lead up to his transition from barista to Operations Manager Assistant, Josue spent about five weeks transitioning from coffee-making to learning the ropes of the Operations team. His commitment to learning, even beyond regular hours was recognised, and to support Jouse, senior OSiT leaders provided resources for continuous training and rewarded his proactive pursuit of knowledge.

The journey continues…

In their new roles, both Holly and Josue aspire to cultivate new skills and contribute to the continued success of the workspace. Holly aims to delve into the complexities of internal communications, already highlighting the support she has received from colleagues in doing so. Josue seeks to provide unwavering support to clients and the team, recognising success as a collective effort.

Their aspirations mirror a larger ethos—promoting internal growth and fostering an environment where personal and professional goals align. As Holly and Josue continue their journeys, their stories echo the untold narratives of countless individuals thriving in workplaces that prioritise development and well-being. It is important for companies to understand the significance of staff retention and wholeheartedly engage in the process of identifying and fostering the transferable skills within their workforce. By placing genuine value on the distinctive skills of every team member and actively facilitating skill retraining opportunities, a company endeavours not only to prolong the tenure of its invaluable talent, but also to foster an environment where employees can achieve as much as they can within the company before they move on with their next career journey.