Niki Fuchs in EG: The office will be a vital tool in the fight against false flexibility

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Published: 20 May 2021 10:39

This month, Mental Health Awareness Week provided an ideal opportunity for businesses to think about their post-pandemic work strategies and how to prioritise the mental health of their colleagues.

Writing for EG, OSiT Managing Director, Niki Fuchs outlines why businesses must avoid the ‘false flexibility’ of working from home full-time on a permanent basis, with 75% of UK workers suffering from burnout during lockdown. Many management teams want to offer their workers greater flexibility, and rightly so. However, Niki argues that leaders should proceed with caution, as a model based solely on remote working will prove inadequate for supporting workers’ wellbeing.

In fact, the real flexibility which workers deserve and are increasingly demanding comes from empowering individuals to choose work strategies that work best for them. Organisations should trust their staff to take care of both business and their own wellbeing in this new agile era.

You can read Niki’s thoughts in full here.

Niki Fuchs in EG: The office will be a vital tool in the fight against false flexibility

About Niki

Beginning her career journey as a receptionist at her mother’s own serviced office group, Niki Fuchs got to grips with the industry from an early age and her tireless motivation is the driving force behind her success. Niki now sits as the Managing Director of leading serviced office provider, Office Space in Town (OSiT), alongside her brother, Giles, the CEO. Niki loves the industry and the people who are part of it. She has, therefore, strived to make OSiT not just a place of work, but a community of likeminded and talented friends.