More than just a desk: Giles Fuchs in CoStar

1 min read
Published: 9 Mar 2021 9:29

It is no secret that remote work has taken a toll on the UK’s workforce. With our recent survey finding that 37% of remote workers felt unable to unplug from work at home and that almost half have experienced loneliness over lockdown, it is no wonder that 95% of workers favoured a return to the office in the long-term.

In recent comment piece for CoStar, OSiT CEO Giles Fuchs outlines the detrimental impact extended periods of remote working have had on employee mental and physical health, and why the office still has a crucial role to play in bolstering worker wellbeing and productivity.

While recognising the positive of increased time spent with family through home working, Giles argues that the office is an essential hub for communication, collaboration and creating a productive culture for both businesses and their employees.

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