Life after Covid-19: Niki Fuchs in ThisWeekinFM

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Published: 9 Mar 2021 9:29

There’s no question that Covid-19 has provoked change in the way we work, as well as how we will view and use “the office” in the long term. What this prolonged period of working remotely so far has taught us is that, while we can work from home, we are unlikely to ever give up the office completely.

Indeed, remote workforces are already beginning to report that they miss the structure and community of the office, with issues such as connectivity, health and wellbeing coming to the fore during COVID-19.

In her comment piece with ThisWeekinFM, Niki Fuchs shares her thoughts on the post-coronavirus workplace, and how remote working has taught us how employers can use their workplaces to offer the best of both worlds. From optimal connectivity and elements that promote wellbeing to design that encourages a sense of community, the future of the office will be changing for the better.

Read Niki's piece here