Jeremy Hunt is half right: Why the real default for the future of working should be flexibility

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Published: 23 May 2023 1:0

There’s no denying the benefits of homeworking, yet what’s becoming increasingly clear is that there’s also no ignoring its drawbacks.

Creativity and innovation thrives in a social environment. While remote working may be more convenient, the office also provides a collaborative setting and significantly reduces feelings of loneliness and isolation.

Moving forward, employers who want to harness the benefits of office work while allowing their staff a greater level of freedom should take a flexible approach – something that the growing demand for flexible workspaces is emerging to address. This doesn’t mean passively retaining the dregs of the hybrid culture left behind from the pandemic; this requires a conscious effort to implement a flexible working policy that capitalises on all that is good about both homeworking and the office. Only by making flexibility the default will move on from our current stalemate and fully unlock the creativity and potential of our workforce.

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