Investing in sustainability - OSiT joins forces with Open Energy

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Published: 9 Mar 2021 9:30

Office Space in Town have joined forces with Open Energy to purchase green energy in an attempt to halt deforestation and tackle climate change.

Open Energy work in partnership with Cool Earth, a non-profit organisation, to support the Awajun community in Northern Peru where vast areas of the natural rainforest are under threat from loggers.

Through our energy contracts with Open Energy, Office Space in Town add to the total level of rainforest protection. We have taken this decision to join Open Energy because only 24% of the Earth’s remaining rainforests are intact. To date, Open Energy have saved 397 acres of rainforest and 95,280 trees have been protected. At OSiT, we are keen to play our part in increasing these figures.

The Open Energy ‘Cool Earth’ initiative also supports local communities by investing in sustainable livelihood support, forest health and community improvement.

For more information on Open Energy, please click here.