How to optimise your work day

1 min read
Published: 9 Mar 2021 9:29

We all know somebody who seems to get everything done. They work fulltime, run a successful team/business, have a family and still manage to get to the gym, social and have a spotless home.

But, what really is the secret to optimising your day in the office and having a healthy work-life balance? Psychologist and life coach, Suzanne Gelb, breaks it down for Business Insider UK by writing:

‘Whatever you're doing right now? Be fully in it. Commit.

When you see an Olympic hurdler leaping over barricades with superhuman agility, does she look distracted? Nope. She is 100% invested in the task at hand. And as you can see from her success, commitment leads to greatness.’

Suzanne goes on to break it down even further, advising to avoid multitasking and banning interruptions, along with several other top tips. For the full article on optimising your workday click here.