How have serviced offices responded to the 'melting pot' of generations in the workplace?

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Published: 9 Mar 2021 9:30

Once associated with ‘trendy startups’ and millennial culture, the coworking office is instead becoming a hub for the largest cross section of generations working together than in any other type of space. Coworking hubs are hugely diverse spaces, and can now cater to everything from the business-minded Baby Boomers to the educated and entitled Generation Y.

Younger generations are expecting more and the older generation don’t want to return to the three-wall stack of cubes of the old corporate world. As a result, employers are increasingly focusing on agile working and enriching an engaging workplace. These features have become a stable 'perk' for many.

Janet Davies, Communications Director at Office Space in Town shares her thoughts on the impact this has had on the workplace, and how serviced offices can adapt to accomodate the 'melting pot' of generations, in this recent article with

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