How to conquer that post-holiday inbox dread

1 min read
Published: 9 Mar 2021 9:30

Everyone deserves and needs a holiday. It’s time to spend with loved ones, relax and regenerate.

However, how many of us get that dread the night before returning to work? The dread of what’s sitting in our inbox and how much time we’ll need to take to sift through the emails, deleting the SPAM, replying to and executing the important and untouched. This is before calls have been returned, handovers have been done with whoever covered your work while gone and catch up meetings with the team.

Fear not! We’ve found 3 simple tips that will help you catch up on your inbox; the wording of your out of office; creating folders and rules for specific emails, and working through your emails from the most recent. The tips are all available in detail here.