Happy workplace design drives productivity: Simon Eastlake in Architects Datafile

1 min read
Published: 9 Mar 2021 9:29

Delivering a workplace for ‘happiness’ can be applied to all stages of building fit-out. From design to construction, architects can influence key features that will facilitate workplace wellbeing, helping to sustain the loyalty of the ultimately occupying workforce and minimise staff turnover.

In fact, innovative design feature save been found to boost creativity, energise productivity levels and promote workplace wellness. A recent survey by recruitment firm Robert Half suggests that a happy worker is 12 percent more productive than a miserable one. Put simply: happiness pays.

Simon Eastlake, Developments Director at Office Space in Town (OSiT), outlines in his recent blog post in Architects Datafile how architects are uniquely positioned to accommodate the link between productivity and happiness at every level of the construction process.

Our newest ‘happiness’ themed workspace at OSiT London Blackfriars designed with exactly this in mind - intended to help boost productivity and wellness in a professional, HQ quality office.

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