Happiness hosts productivity: Niki Fuchs in HR News

1 min read
Published: 9 Mar 2021 9:29

Low productivity has been a consistent issue for the British economy since the 2008 financial crisis. Between 2010 and 2015, UK productivity growth was 0.2 percent a year and recent research puts this at costing the UK economy £4bn in lost output.

A recent survey by the universities of Cardiff, Oxford and University College London revealed that British people are working harder and faster than ever. Yet their productivity continues to stagnate.

One often overlooked catalyst of productivity is employee happiness.

Niki Fuchs, Co-founder and Managing Director of serviced office provider Office Space in Town (OSiT), explores in her recent article in HR News how businesses should capitalise on the link between productivity and happiness and enhance their workplaces to cultivate a happier, more engaged and motivated workforce.

Our newest ‘happiness’ themed workspace at OSiT London Blackfriars designed with exactly this in mind - intended to help boost productivity and wellness in a professional, HQ quality office.

Read the article here.