Giles Fuchs in UKNG: The office is essential for exhausted workers

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Published: 9 Mar 2021 9:29

With each day that the pandemic persists, the UK’s productivity is suffering. In fact, a record fall in output per worker of 19.9% in the last year is staggering evidence of this. Employees working remotely are demotivated, burned out and lacking the many benefits of office work.

Writing for UK News Group, OSiT CEO, Giles Fuchs discusses the UK’s home working productivity crisis and the tole it is taking on both workers mental wellbeing and career development opportunities.

Indeed, in 2018, 68% of workers who changed jobs did so due to lack of learning opportunities in their previous roles – and with 29% of those working remotely experiencing loneliness due to isolation from colleagues, a large increase in employee turnover post-pandemic would not be surprising.

Giles argues that if businesses want to prosper following the pandemic, they must find ways to incorporate office work into their employees’ schedules. Flexible workspace is primed to cater to this, supporting a hybrid working model and giving staff the freedom to adapt their workstyle to what best suits them.

You can read Giles’ thoughts in full here


Giles Fuchs
A self-confessed serial entrepreneur, Giles Fuchs, CEO of Office Space in Town, works tirelessly to create both financial and strategic opportunities for the firm. Starting his first company at just 22 years old, Giles has developed a hearty portfolio of business management expertise apparent in his leadership of OSiT. He is also a keen sportsman, which has translated into a desire to foster and maintain a brilliant team ethos at each of OSiT’s centres.