Giles Fuchs in The Sunday Times: How I made it:

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Published: 9 Mar 2021 9:29

Co-founder of OSiT, Giles Fuchs has been featured in the exclusive ‘How I made it’ column in The Sunday Times. In the feature, co-founder and Chief Executive of Office Space in Town discusses his career to date, his family’s background in serviced office space and how he came to found OSiT with his sister Niki, OSiT’s subsequent success, his more recent ventures, and the lessons he learnt along the way.

Giles highlights the decision to buy the freehold of OSiT buildings, rather than operating a leasehold model, as a key turning point for the business, marking a departure from “pocketing fees for managing space …. to make more than a safe living”.

This approach in turn attracts grown up companies, not young workers targeted by trendy co-working chains. Giles says of OSiT’s flexible workspace and our clients “it’s not a sixth-form classroom – these are serious businesses. They don’t want people shouting, jumping around and drinking beer”.

The decision by OSiT to bring cleaning in-house and start a cleaning business three years ago was driven by the need to ensure that offices are up to scratch and looked after properly. Giles talks about the fact cleaners are traditionally not paid very much, but OSiT’s cleaners are paid the London living wage.

Giles is a bit of a serial entrepreneur as he became the co-owner of Burgh Island in Devon, in the process reopening the pub and renovating the historic hotel. He has also launched Gunners, a drinks brand based on a classic cocktail.

When asked about what makes his and Niki’s working relationship successful Giles noted “you have to do it with someone with different talents, otherwise you’ll fall out”.

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