Flexible working is the new normal: Giles Fuchs in the Financial Times

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Published: 9 Mar 2021 9:30

Commercial leases are getting shorter, but while some investors and property groups may meet this with dismay, it should come as welcome news to those concerned with Britain’s economic future. As businesses navigate the economic impacts of the pandemic, there can be no doubt that Britain needs to get back to work, but the rigid, long-term office lease must urgently change.

To recover, businesses need flexibility and agility. However, Giles argues that a transition to flexible workspace is in fact neither surprising nor new.

Giles outlines how landlords and investors must embrace this future, pivoting their portfolio and working with experienced operators such as OSiT to provide a flexible workspace offering. Those that do will thrive. Those that don’t, risk being left behind just as our economy begins to recover.

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