Flexible working is really here to stay: what now for businesses?

Business and Industry today - 12 September 2023
Simon Eastlake
2 min read
Published: 13 Sep 2023 9:45

Despite the familiarity now inherent in the team "hybrid", Britain's flexible working culture is still solidifying its identity, and last month, the Flexible Working Bill 2023 was passed through Royal Assent. As this bill makes it harder for employers to ignore the rise of the popularity of hybrid and remote working, how can businesses make the most out of this new way of working?

While there's no doubt that the UK workforce has embraced flexible working, what's clear is that this flexibility does not eliminate the importance of in-person collaboration. Indeed, 85% of UK workers say they want to pursue a hybrid workstyle. Companies should capitalise on this continued call for collaboration by encouraging their team back together, on a flexible basis.

This is where serviced, flexible offices come in. Providing regular social events and offering a serviced workspace, where employees have access to on-site facilities such as gyms, and cafés, can all help to to earn commute, making flexible offices such as those provided by Office Space in Town the ideal locum for businesses hoping to retain a sense of community.

Central office locations, comfortable break-out spaces, and up-to-date amenities combine to promote the collaboration that employees continue to crave, even at a time of flexible working.