Entrepreneurs and start-ups, don’t forget about tomorrow!

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Published: 9 Mar 2021 9:30

Tomorrow is not guaranteed. This is as true to life in general as it is to business, especially with start-ups. Growing a business takes a lot of work and dedication. One thing many start-ups forget to plan for is tomorrow.

Not the literal tomorrow but the figurative tomorrow. The day when your sector and buy changes, because then what? If you haven’t future proofed your product or service, or even the running of your business, then you can be left at a loss. The constant change in technology makes this even more important, as changes in technology change the way many of us work, communicate, how we buy and sell, and much more.

Martin Zwilling, a start-up mentor and investor, recently wrote:

‘It is evident that the pace of change is not slowing down, and will continue to accelerate into the future. This means that both you and your company need to be more agile, more open and willing to learn, and rethink your focus on the future versus the present.’

Martin’s article on Inc.com provides key points for start-ups, aiding them in staying relevant and planning for whatever tomorrow brings their way. To read the full article click here.