Is employee burnout a product of company culture?

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Published: 9 Mar 2021 9:30

When an employee burns out it can be quite costly to for the individual and the business. It can have a negative effect on their work and, at times, the wider team.

For a long-time employee burnout has primarily been seen as an issue relating to the individual. According to research conducted by the University of Bath and King’s College London, this may not be the case! The research carried out did show that the more industrious employees in an organisation are the ones likely to suffer.

However, Eric Garton, Partner at Bain & Company, wrote in the Harvard Business Review that this places the organisation at the point of blame and not the individual. On the subject, HR Grapevine references an article by Eric Garton, Partner at Bain & Company, in the Harvard Business Review that says the individual is not to blame for their burnout but the organisation is.

Garton and his co-author of the book Time, Talent and Energy, Michael C. Mankins, put together a list of the three most common factors in employee burnout. They are excessive collaboration, weak time management, and the tendency to overload employees with work. To understand the best ways to combat the big three, click here to read the full article.