Business Success by Design - Article by Simon Eastlake

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Published: 9 Mar 2021 9:30

The way businesses approach office space is changing. What was once a simple question of price, size and location, has now evolved into a question of deft design that facilitates communication, happiness, wellbeing and productivity.

At Office Space in Town, we understand that a happy person is a productive employee which is why at our latest development, OSiT Blackfriars we have transformed the office into our very own ‘home of happiness’.

In this recent article with Business Advice, Simon Eastlake, Developments Director at OSiT outlines how the functionality and features of a building can promote a company’s business success.

Simon highlight certain key issues:

Location can play a crucial role in workplace wellbeing and employee retention. Our recent national survey found that 75% of respondents consider the potential commute when making decisions about future employment. The survey also highlighted that 36% believed their commute was having a detrimental effect on their lifestyle. Ensuring taff can get to work easily by selecting offices close to major transport hubs and commuter links, and also good leisure and social amenities, can make a big difference when recruiting. Likewise adopting flexible work practices and offering season-ticket loans or cycle-to-work schemes can help to take some of the stress out of employees’ commute.

Businesses should pay attention to the environment they expect employees to work in. Poor temperature control, which leaves staff uncomfortably cold or hot, and bad soundproofing are not conducive to happy or productive staff. Similarly décor can significantly influence the overall tone and mood of an office, Colour and art, combined with thoughtful design which promotes formal and informal work and collaboration, can help to create an uplifted and enjoyable space, a relaxed atmosphere, a sense of community and ultimately a happier, more motivated workforce.

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