Brand ambassadors start from within

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Published: 9 Mar 2021 9:30

When many people think of brand ambassadors, they think of people external to a business that praise its products or services. Sometimes these people are paid for the business, this is common with celebrity sponsorship deals, but this can also include customers and employees.

Everyone in your business is a potential brand ambassador, spreading the word of the company and its services or products. Happy and informed employees are more likely to be true brand ambassadors, providing a good service to those they encounter and actively talking about their employer with pride.

However, the unhappy and uninformed employee is likely to cause negative reactions from external stakeholders. A lot of poor customer service experiences have come from employees that don’t care about the company they work for or the message they should be conveying to the public.

So, how do you combat this and encourage positive internal brand ambassadors? HR Grapevine has put together a few points to help and you can view them here.