Are you using employee absence data to your advantage?

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Published: 9 Mar 2021 9:30

Managing employee absence is still one of the biggest challenges to a business in 2017. There any many factors to take into account when somebody is out of the office sick, even more so when they’re out for an extended amount of time.

The Entrepreneur Handbook says,

'According to the Working in America: Absent Workforce study by Harris Interactive, almost 40% of employees call in sick to work during one year for reasons other than actual illness. Some call in sick because they have ill children, personal errands to run or appointments to attend – and an amazing 9% said they called in sick because they stayed up watching a sporting event or awards show!

Troublingly, 61% of employees in the same survey also said that when they don’t show up for work, their work simply isn’t completed. This places great pressure on businesses to manage absences and ensure they have minimal impact on the overall productivity and the bottom line of an organisation. Businesses are starting to do much more than simply having an attendance policy, they’re leveraging data gathered from absence management software in order to identify problems, reduce absenteeism and even offer greater flexibility for their workers.'

The Entrepreneur Handbook's complete article helps you understand why it’s so important to collect absence data and how you can use the collected data to your advantage. To view the article in its entirety click here.