Simon Eastlake

Managing Director

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Simon Eastlake - Development Director

After my degree at Loughborough and a brief foray into the recruitment industry, I joined City Executive Centres run by Niki and Giles Fuchs in 2001. At City Executive Centres I was involved in sales and centre management of a new centre in Brighton. City Executive Centres was a pioneering company in the serviced office industry within the UK. When this business was sold to MWB, I moved with them and had roles as an Area Manager and Senior Sales Manager in London.

After leaving MWB, I set up a new serviced office business called the Serviced Office Company and opened two buildings in London and Manchester, although opening at a challenging economic period was very successful.

In 2012, I was approached by Giles and Niki Fuchs to join them again in their new venture, Office Space in Town, which they had started in 2009. They had 2 centres at this point and were actively looking to expand.

My role was originally to open the new buildings. I got involved after Giles had acquired the buildings. I was then made Developments Director in 2018 responsible for sourcing new buildings and had full responsibility for the design and build process, following on with the initial set up of the new centre, recruitment and most importantly, the pre- and post-opening sales. So far, I have opened 4 buildings. Office Space in Town has 5 successful London-based centres.

In July 2022 I was made Managing Director and my responsibilities now include overall responsibility of the business and the ongoing strategy for the future. Our aim is to grow the business by 2 further locations each year.

With 20 years experience in the industry at all levels from purely Sales to Managing Director, I am well placed to deliver the level of service that we strive for at Office Space in Town.

I am a Cornishman who after living in Brighton for 15 years moved to London in 2016 and married an extremely talented South African. I do get back to Cornwall as often as I can. I was a keen rugby player but age got the better of me so now you will find me watching it with a beer rather than playing. I also enjoy playing Golf but definitely need to practise more!