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When we started Office Space in Town, we wanted to build a company that reflected who we were as people and the ethics and morals that we live by. We aspired to build a business which was all about our clients and staff. We want the beautiful environments we build to be places where people are inspired to work hard and be focused, to endeavour to be great at whatever they are doing, be happy and energised, and to always consider others and make them feel special and individual. We knew that we would never reach the end of our journey because we would always be asking our clients and staff "What else can we do?" It's because we want each new project, we do to be better than the last, and that every day we look for new ways to make our clients say "WOW!".

This is the foundation for our Customer Service Policy and is at the core of our Customer Service Charter. We are committed to always look for ways to improve our service levels for our clients and business stakeholders. We believe that our clients have the right to know what level of service they can expect from us all the time, which include our guiding principles.

We are committed that we will:

  • Maintain an excellent first impression for all of our clients and visitors
  • Always do what we say we are going to do which will ensure that we are dependable
  • Ensure that we are always aware of our environment and maintain immaculate facilities
  • Always strive for accuracy when dealing with administration matters
  • Always support a solid line for communication with our clients
  • We are committed to supporting our employees, ensuring that everyone has ongoing training, support and personal and professional development allowing them to be the best they can be and support our clients and are able to provide high-quality customer service
  • We take pride in creating welcoming, professional, and fun atmospheres in all of our centres for our customers and our employees. We engage with our customers through social events, networking, offers and entertainment
  • Our employees are well presented and adhere to a dress code policy ensuring that we are reflecting our professional but warm company values
  • We are always looking for ways to exceed our customer’s expectations. To make them happy and to make their experience with us memorable. It is what keeps our customers longer and keeps them coming back. We pride ourselves on the personal touches, gestures of kindness, knowing our customers and tailoring our service delivery to suit their needs.

For those rare time where we might fall short of the very high standards that we have set for ourselves we have a number of ways that you can communicate with us

Feedback form via our website or directly with the centre management team. We aim to reply within 24 hours and the email will be escalated to the most appropriate member of the management team

Telephone Number
0844 412 1796 - Will be answered by a member of the OSIT Team and details will be captured and sent out to the most appropriate member of the management team and will aim to reply within 24 hours

In Person Contact
Contact a member of your centre team directly which will be handled and we will aim to respond in writing within 24 hours

In Writing
Once received you will aim to respond within 24 hours and the matter will be escalated to the most appropriate member of the management team

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