Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe that being good at business means doing good as a business.

We hold ourselves accountable for the impact our business has on the environment and society. We have guidelines for our people and the people we work with to ensure that our business achieves the following:

Supports charities
Invests in staff development
Encourages sustainable and environmentally friendly buildings and operations

Charity Work and Community

Our people are our most important resource. We want them to feel good about their work and encourage them to support and engage with the causes of their choice. This is why we give our people time off to carry out charity work in their community.

Indeed, charity work forms a big part of our CSR strategy, which is why each year by collective vote, our Management Team chooses a charity that has a personal resonance to a member of the OSIT Team. So far, we have elected to support:

Aidan Cox
Melanie Roberts
Shelter from the Storm

Please help us support our charity here
Our fundraising is varied and has seen our people involved in some fun, yet challenging situations. Some of our recent events include:
Tough Mudder for Nottingham Children’s Hospital.
Nuclear Races for Aidan Cox.
Rough Runner for Melanie Roberts.
Charity work in our local communities.
Bear Grylls Survival Race and Skydive.
Centre socials and activities

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