A habitat for happiness: OSiT Blackfriars

How cheerful design, attentive staff and professional features made Office Space in Town’s (OSiT’s) newest centre the ideal home for The Happiness Index.

For a company that champions happiness, it was central to the business needs of The Happiness Index that their working environment should mirror their core beliefs as a business. Co-Founder and Head of Humans at the bespoke HR software company, Chris Hyland, explains why our newest offices, OSiT Blackfriars @ 22 Tudor Street, was the perfect host for their happiness…

‘Bring your best self to work’ has always been a core requirement of The Happiness Index, and it is vital that our working environment reflects this.

When we were sourcing office space earlier this year, we knew we wanted something unique and bespoke. We certainly didn’t want the fish-tank feel of a co-working space. We needed an environment that would appeal to our clients, facilitate our productivity and most importantly make our team excited to come to work.

Office Space in Town exceeded our expectations. In the past, we have searched for a space to which we could add our own personal touch. This time it was different. The design theme of happiness, combined with the state-of-the-art features offered at OSiT’s Blackfriars centre meant we already had everything we were looking for in one, functional space.

The cost-per-head model operated by global co-working brands isn’t compatible with the flexible working that we offer our staff at The Happiness Index. Currently, we have 12 office-based staff and another 10 members of staff who work across the globe. OSiT were able to offer us a space that was flexible enough to accommodate this. As we continue to grow, we expect to double in size over the next 18 months, we feel assured that OSiT will continue to be able to meet our space requirements.

The design theme of ‘happiness’ is unique and imaginative, modern yet refined – making the offices suitable for both established and high-growth companies. The impressive space makes us proud to invite clients to meetings at our offices. My favourite meeting room is Safari, the Giraffe Executive Suite, where the creatures poking their head through the walls provides an ice-breaking talking point. The hidden Games room provides the perfect space in which to entertain clients and staff.

Above all, the OSiT staff are brilliant. The care and attention to detail makes us feel valued and supported, which for us, confirms that OSiT’s business strategy and culture mirrors our own. OSiT is a company that truly believes a happy workforce is a productive one.

We couldn’t have asked for a better home for our happiness, and we look forward to what our future brings.