In challenging times your approach to working may be different. Adjust gives you a guaranteed term for office space but only when you need it.

Why pay for 7 days a week when you only want 2 days a week?

Meet safely with your team weekly whilst you consider the long term situation.

Save time looking for venues which will not be your ideal working environment and possibly unproductive.

You will have two options with our new scheme:

  • Either pick a designated office with desks and workstations
  • Or you may want to opt for a meeting room instead

Why not sign up today for your chosen days and come from your home to ours?

The Details

  • A minimum of three months Licence
  • A minimum occupation of one day per week is required
  • Days to be specified in order that the space is fogged and cleaned for your safe arrival
  • Days available Monday to Sunday!
  • Admission times 8.30am to 6pm
  • One DDI only allocated per company
  • High speed, secure internet connection available and may be via Wi-fi
  • Free on site beverages available
  • No equipment or personal belongings allowed to stay in space due to Health & Safety

The Price

  • £250 plus VAT per day
  • The office is usually suitable for approximately 10 people

Whats not to like?

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