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3 Surprising Things That Big Data Reveals About HR

Big data in human resources (HR) is becoming more widely used for recruiting, hiring and retaining the best employees. Here are three reasons why more companies are adopting predictive analytics for improving the bottom line.   More Effective Recruiting Big data helps uncover which candidates are...

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7 Habits of Masterful Managers Who Coach Their Teams to Success

Managers are the quarterbacks and coaches of their teams. Managers with great reputations for producing the most successful teams are those who have cultivated the habits of success and leadership designed to keep their teams cohesive, motivated and driven. There is nothing more powerful than a...

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Why Every Entrepreneur Should Write a Book

As an entrepreneur, what do you really need? What does every entrepreneur always want more of, especially for their business? Attention. I don't mean that in the narcissistic "everyone look at me" sense. When I say every entrepreneur wants more attention, what I mean is that attention is the key...

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4 Questions That Challenge Your Leadership 'Inheritance'

A few weeks ago I found myself in a client’s stark, windowless conference room waiting yet again to interview another unhappy employee. As I waited -- thinking about what I had been learning from these interviews -- it occurred to me that Millennials are more prepared than we think to design and...

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7 Ways You're Getting Distracted as an Entrepreneur

The entrepreneurial brain is a marvelous and dangerous tool. We tend to think creatively, and quickly, whether it’s in response to solving a problem or as a way to kill time in line at the grocery store. We also aren’t afraid to explore our options, which means we’re usually considering three or...

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